Students at Swan Institute Australia

Why choose Perth to study?

Perth is Western Australia’s centre for outdoor leisure activities, arts and entertainment. It is the ideal place for students to study and succeed! With a strong multicultural population, it offers a wide range of arts and entertainment, open-air cinemas, free cultural events, festivals and sporting activities throughout the year.

It’s a great place to study, work or relax and provides plenty of opportunities to become involved in the local community. Whether you enjoy water sports such as surfing, sailing, swimming, or playing golf, cycling, visiting art galleries, dining out at award winning restaurants or taking in our breathtaking sights, Perth offers something for everyone!

Living in Perth

Perth is the best city to experience the unique, relaxed and easy-going Australian lifestyle, with its long summer days, endless white beaches and Mediterranean way of life. Western Australia is the largest state geographically in Australia, taking up almost a third of the entire continent with approximately 2.5 million square kilometres, and much of its wealth.

Over 2 million people call Perth home and believe it is the most beautiful city in Australia. In fact, Perth ranks as the 7th most liveable city in the world! Perth has gained global recognition for its low unemployment rate, booming economy, world class education and high quality of life.

As a student or professional living in Western Australia, no matter what you decide to study, make sure you make the most of your time in Perth!

Getting Around

Perth is situated near the coast of Western Australia and is the closest capital city to Asia, Africa and Europe. Perth city and all major attractions are easily accessed by public transport, car, bike and on foot. Bikes can be hired to ride around the Swan River, Fremantle and Kings Park, the largest natural park in any capital city in the world! Driving in Perth is generally straightforward and public transport is easy to use and affordable.

Our Services and Support

Student Service Officers are our friendly, first point of contact for all students and provide assistance with queries whether academic and/or social. Our staff are highly trained and offer the highest quality academic and personal assistance to students through professional, relevant services.

Student Assistance & Support
Our multi-lingual Student Service Officers provide direct internal support and assistance to students for:
 Student Orientation
 Student identification card
 Transport and Smart Rider applications
 Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
 Accommodation services
 Student activities
 Academic counselling and further study advice
 Academic Support
 English language assistance & translation
 Liaison with external agencies
 Career and employment information and advice
Student Services also provide information on a range
of external professional support including:
 Medical, dentist and specialist services
 Financial e.g. accountants
 Support and counselling
 Justice of the Peace
 Sporting & social clubs
 Recreation and social events
 Legal Services

Student Accommodation
We can assist you to find suitable accommodation with a range of options available to ensure your stay in Perth is a comfortable one. Options include:
 Homestay accommodation with all meals
 Fully serviced modern apartments easily
accessible to the institute with private kitchen,
latest facilities, wi-fi, swimming pool, spa, games
room , cleaning and domestic services
 Shared accommodation
 Hostel and backpackers for short-stays

Concierge Packages and Services Available
Swan Institute Australia has a range of Concierge Packages and Services available at affordable rates to make your stay an easy one.
These include:
 Linen packages
 Chaperoning for underage students
 Domestic services
 Catering services

The following packages are designed to assist students and family with arrival and accommodation:
Package 1: Student/Parent Arrival
Package 2: Student/Parent Accommodation
For details or purchase, contact :

Student Counselling Services
We provide ongoing support to students and can assist with professional, academic and confidential counselling to ensure their wellbeing and success. Our dedicated Student Services team is available to students who wish to discuss any issues or need help with settling into their studies or life in Australia. There is a counselling room at the college to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Counselling is available by appointment and can be arranged through Student Services.

Get In Touch with Us

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