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Orientation before commencement of study is compulsory for every new student enrolled with this institution. New student will be required to attend on the Tuesday or Thursday of the week before commencement date of the study period at 9.00am (as detailed in your Letter of Offer).

The orientation provides new students with an overview of the resources, student services and support available to new students during new students’ study period, as well as information regards to Overseas Student Health Cover, transportation, banking, working, taxation and etc. It also provides new students with vital information about courses, enrolment information, and policies and procedures and a chance to meet all our friendly staff and have a campus tour.

At orientation new students will be given new students’ cream color academic folder which must be signed by both the Student Services Officer and also Accounts Officer and then given to new students’ teacher/trainer on the first day of class. If new students do not have this folder or it has not been fully signed then new students will not be permitted to start class.

New students must bring with new students 3 passport size photos. One photo will be used to make new student ID and the other 2 will be placed on new students’ administrative and academic files. Student ID will be available on the first day of class.

If new students do not come to orientation on this day and we have to arrange a later date for orientation, afee of $50 will be charged to cover the cost unless new students have acompassionate or compelling reason for not being able to attend. A Doctor’s certificate will be required if new students are not able to attend due to illness.

Please call our administration team on +61 8 6220 3666 if you have any enquiries.