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What makes us the No. 1?

Tuesday 09-13-2016

When you choose to study with us you can always be sure of a warm welcome at Swan Institute Australia. Our Perth Campus is home to a friendly community of students from all around the world, including Australia.


Many students are living away from home and also studying English or an Australian Qualification in English for the first time, which means your new friends are likely to share the nerves and excitement that you may feel when you first arrive.

What makes us unique?

We are proud of the fact that at Swan Institute Australia we are able to offer you an education that goes far beyond the classroom.


More and more international students choose to study at Swan Institute Australia.


You are asking why?

Our students achieve excellent academic outcomes through our unique approach to education and our highly experienced academic staff.

Swan Institute Australia offers a wide choice of programmes.

Our specialist college provides you with the depth of subject knowledge, personal development and independent thinking skills that top universities and leading employers look for.

Swan Institute Australia offers opportunities for students to achieve excellence in academic and cultural integration within an inclusive environment, conducive to learning, teaching and friendship.


We pride ourselves as being responsive, inclusive and proactive in our planning and strategies, in order to meet the challenges of maximising the academic potential and personal growth of our students.


We encourage our students to drive themselves towards personal best performance, but demonstrate to them that achievement is shaped within procedural limits and ethical boundaries. We differentiate and enh

ance our programmes in response to our students' needs. Our programmes are competency and evidence based.


Our students need to demonstrate cutting edge competencies, imagination, fast reactions and a strong competitive streak and our Institution prides itself on our continuous improvement approach designed to meet the requirements of today's global market.


In essence, a Swan Institute Australia education gives you the confidence that your knowledge and skills will enable you to progress to the best universities or to succeed in today's highly competitive workforce.