Australian Animal Conversation Day

Thursday 10-13-2016

One of the most interesting days at school was the 13th October when we celebrated the Australian Animal Conservation day in which the students had the opportunity to learn how to take care of animals and prevent injuries. 

Nowadays and even more so in Australia, is easy to come across an animal, which is dangerous or poisonous. A cool lizard was an example of how to deal with a situation of a wild animal that is in danger, we learned that this animal is more scared of us than we are of it. That’s why you should always cover their eyes by using a jumper or jacket to reduce their stress and fear.

A constrictor snake was an example of how to deal with a snake attack or just prevent it. First of all, if you are in the bush you should step forward heavily, this reptile will feel the vibrations therefore they will “run away”.

If a snake or any poisonous animals bite you, you should always follow these steps:

v  Keep calm, acceleration would increase your heart rate spreading the poison throughout your body.

v  Second, immobilize with some pressure but not stopping the circulation to the whole extremity where you were bitten.

v  Finally, call the 000 and seek medical attention. The better the description of the event you can give to them, the more chances you will have to reduce the risks. Give them the exact detail such as colour of the snake, where the accident happened and the time.

On this day we also got the opportunity to interact with little kangaroos (joeys) and learn about them, their habitat and environment, also about their life cycle.  It’s a day we’ll never forget.          

BY Daniel Martinez Barragan